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Lug 27

I know, it’s been a long long time. I’m sorry, but I’ve actually got many things to do and I’m unable to find the time to turn the 3 / 4 draft I already wrote into “real” articles.
Probably you were expecting something on the end of the Shuttle era, the anniversary of the first landing on the moon, recent hauls… and you’re more or less right, just wait a little more.

This post is just a reminder that was set 17 years ago ( yes, in 1994 A.D. ), when Lightning ( Intel 486DX2 ) was pretty new and when I first “flew” using Microsoft’s Flight Simulator 5.0, Spectrum HoloByte’s Falcon 3.0 and – the reason this post exists – Origin’s Strike Commander, the CD edition that included the “Speek Pack”, the “Tactical Operations” expansion and, of course, the July 2011 issue of Sudden Death… yeah, the July 2011 issue in 1994.

Cover of Sudden Death - July 2011 issue