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Just kidding of course, but I’m always puzzled by all the type of Intel’s stock coolers existing today.

Numbers doesn’t help much as they’re not used to code the type, features, etc. of the heatsinks.

So here they are…

(This is a continuos work-in-progress blog post: bear with it)

Unless otherwise specified, they’re all equipped with a 4 wire, 12Volt, PWM fan.

D34017-002: TBA

D34223-001: TBA

D60188-001: Your stock “Full-Height” LGA775 copper-core heatsink with a Delta fan (mine came with a Core 2 Duo E6600)

D95263-001: TBA

E18764-001: According to this Phoronix Review, this should be the stock “Low-Height” copper-core heatsink of the Core 2 Duo e8400.

E29477-002: Your stock “Full-Height” LGA1366 copper-core heatsink with a Foxconn fan (mine came with an i7-930)

E30206-001: TBA

E30307-001: Your stock “Low-Height” LGA775 copper core heatsink with a Foxconn fan (bought mine used… don’t know with which CPU was bundled)

E33681-001: TBA

E97379-003: have fun! This is a “Low-Height” LGA1150/1/5/6 all-aluminum heatsink with a Foxconn or Nidec fan
I have two of those: one came with an i3-6100, another with an i5-7500. Same number but slightly different heatsinks.