Who am I?

posted by Viking
Ago 30

Hello everyone, thanks for reading this blog.

I’m Viking. Of course it isn’t my name and neither is my surname. It’s just a nickname, and no, I’m not coming from any scandinavian country because I’m Italian.
By the way, those of you who have arrived here following a facebook link would also know my real name.

I’m a student. More precisely, I’am an IT Management Engineering student at a university in the North-East of Italy.
I’m interested in computer, but not only. I’m interested mainly in aviation and defence-related stuffs (you know… air forces, navies, armies, etc.). I also like very much photography. Sometimes I like to design some electronics devices (like amplifiers or power supplies).
Talking about computers, I’m interested in system administration’s related stuffs. I’m not a programmer but I know a little of C, C++, PHP, HTML & CSS etc. I’m also a Flight Simulator enthusiast since 1994.
Often my interests are related, for example I like to take pictures of airplanes, and because I use a digital SLR camera I use my pc to store and edit the pictures I’ve taken.

I’m a Microsoft Student Partner, so I’m more used to Microsoft software, but I know something about the world of UNIX, mainly about Oracle (ex-Sun) Solaris, and other Unix-like OSs like the BSD family and some Linux distributions.

…and that’s NOT all folks, but I don’t want to get you bored.
Hope you find something interesting here.



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