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Who Am I

You’re here, there’s a “Who Am I” link at the top of the page. If want to know more about me, there’s a network service that will tell you who I am.

Which personal data do I collect and why?

Simple answer: none.
More complete answer: none.
Super exhaustive answer for tech savvy people: this is a WordPress site and you’ve already noticed, so read below.


You can’t leave comments.


You can’t upload media.


You can’t publish links.


Oh, the cookies… I like cookies… WordPress use cookies, just live with it. You can’t do anything on this site apart reading, so you’re subjected to WordPress cookies.

Incorporated contents

Sometimes I link or incorporate videos from Youtube. They’re subject to whatever policy Youtube apply to their contents. Google it.


This site doesn’t use any form of analytics. Nobody cares about who visit this site, which page does it visit. Nothing. At. All.


If you want to contact me… you better not (otherwise you’re a very sad person).

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