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Goodbye Debian!

posted by Viking
Set 24

And I’m saying goodbye, not farewell!

By the way, I moved from Debian “Squeeze” ( 6.0 testing ) to CentOS 5.5 on Tomcat and, even with an older 2.6.18 kernel (compared to the newer 2.6.32 debian’s one) everything worked flawlessly: video, network card, audio.

I must admit that Tomcat is a little old, but the battery is still alive and it’s powerful enough for many of my daily task, like writing small programs, reading e-mails, surfing the web, doing some electronic projects, using office apps etc.

It is not that I don’t like Debian anymore. I was using a testing distribution and I had only minor issues, so I was quite happy with it.

Then Hyper-V came: a powerful virtualization service for Windows Server 2008 that is also able to run Linux as a guest OS. Great, but it only works with SLES or RHEL. You can obtain SLES for free but you will have only two month of updates without purchasing a subscripition with Novell. On the other hand, you can’t have RHEL for free, but you can have CentOS and upgrades for free, so I went for CentOS. I currently have a VM running CentOS with the Linux integrations services installed that works well.

I did a backup of all the data on Tomcat and installed CentOS on it. It works perfectly beside Windows XP on the another partition.

Recently, I have also installed CentOS on Nighthawk. I use it remotely via SSH or VNC.
I’m slowly getting accustomished to yum, even if sometimes I still type apt-get instead of yum… oh well.

However, my “goodbye” to Debian isn’t really true, because as of writing this post, this page is being served by apache running on a Debian 4.0 virtual machine according to the informations tophost gives me on the site’s control panel…


Ago 28

Yes, I’m on the web and this time with my own domain!
I just bought a domain with tophost because it doesn’t costs very much but, at the same time, suits my needs (at least at the moment).
Of course every possible domain name was already registered, so I went for a simple

I just installed the latest version of WordPress and, for a very long time (I suppose), this blog is gonna be the only activity on this website. I have not enough time to also learn PHP well, design graphics, make tests on every existing browser, operating system, monitor resolutions etc.

Being the “only” task doesn’t mean maintaining this blog is gonna be easy, and if you know me, you can guess why… yes, I’m thinking about users management, group policies, permissions for reading and/or leaving comments etc.
Well, I think I’ll stop now, ‘cause this post is already getting too long for being a simple “Hey World, I’m here too!”.